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Zirconium Corundum Arc Furnace Equipment
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Smelting categories: noProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:(1)Equipment introduction1.1 Equipment type: HY2.8-4000KVA Zirconium corundum arc furnace equipment1.2 Equipment usage: mainly used for smelting abrasive such as zirconium corundum, fused corundum, and mullite and refractory materials.1.3 Equipment form: Zirconium corundum furnace has water-cooling furnace cover with stationary tube type, top feeding and top blowing oxygen. The outer wall of the furnace is using spray water cooling structure, with furnace tilting discharging, divided into left and right operation form. Electrode lifting adopts frequency conversion motor type or hydraulic lifting form, automatically controlled by programmable control regulator.1.4 The factory related parameters and energy medium conditions:1.4.1 power supply conditions:               a. 10/35 kV Ac power supply system                  b. low-voltage power distribution system; with 380V/220V power1.4.2 energy medium conditions:     Gas medium:Name Purity%PowerMPaOxygen           99.9%0.8~1.20Cooling water system and quality of added new water:No.ItemUnitIndustrial water purification1PH value7.0-8.52Suspended solidsMg/L≤503Hardness°dh            5-64AlkalinityMg/L20-405The chloride ionMg/L506Temperature℃≤357PowerMPa0.4The requirements of equipment external cooling circulating water:Cooling tower: not less than 150 ~ 200 t/hAdjust pool: 60 ~ 80 m31.4.3 working system330 working days in a year. Continuous work weekly, working 7 days a week, without rest during the holidays.(2) Main technology parameters:No.NameUnitNumerical value1Nominal capacityt3-52The inner diameter of the furnace shellmm2200/2500/28003The depth of the furnace  shellmm-4The electrode diametermm-5The diameter of electrode distribution circlemm-6Electrode tripmm-7Electrode lifting speedm/minUp:2.0 down:1.58Transformer rated capacityKVA-9 voltageKV-10Transformer secondary voltageV- no load electric voltage regulation - constant current - constant power11The secondary rated currentA-12Cooling way Form of strong oil and water cooling13Equipment overload capacity℅2014The biggest angle of tapping度Lean forward 45°15The cooling water consumptiont/h-(3)The mechanical structure and working principle:Zirconium corundum furnace has fixed straight water cooling tape of furnace cover, with top feeding and top blowing oxygen. The tilting furnace platform is fixed shaft type and the outer wall of the furnace is using spray water cooling structure.the mechanical part is composed by the following sections:A. Upper and lower furnace;B. Furnace tilting device;C. Short-net system;D. Fixed straight water cooling furnace cover (plate);E. Electrode lifting gear;F. Hydraulic system;G. Water cooling system;H. Pneumatic system;
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