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LF Ladle Refining Furnace
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Smelting categories: Refining furnaceProduction: 20-100tPower consumption: noDetailed description:一.The main usage: LF ladle refining furnace is used for refining of the molten conjunction with the primary melting furnace, such as arc furnace, open-hearth furnace,and converter. It is an important metallurgical equipment for continuous casting and rolling.二.Equipment characteristics: LF ladle refining furnace has many functions such as arc heating, vacuum degassing, blowing argon stirring, oxygen feeding, atmospheric pressure or vacuum feeding, temperature measuring, sampling, television camera shooting, and observing. 三.Equipment composition:1. The ladle and ladle car;2. The heating device (electrode control mode: manual control or microcomputer automatic control. Use energy-saving short-net and conductive cross arm);3. Vacuum and test system;4. Hydraulic and control system;5. Argon gas, oxygen, compressed air and cooling water system;6. The electrical control system (PLC control and CRT image display)7. High voltage heavy current system;8. High current circuits.
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